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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Woodyard Farms in The Osage

Susan on the front porch of the Inn at Woodyard Farms Bed and Breakfast, just north of Pawhuska.
a friendly yellow tabby prowled at will.
The Osage hills formed a backdrop, and every morning, we could hear roosters crow.
My favorite spot, the front porch, where the autumn breeze is always pleasant.
And the view is peaceful. I worked on a watercolor using the table as an easel.

Our neighbors just across the fence made me feel right at home, naturally. They didn't seem concerned about Iowa State.
This is where we ate in the mornings, and I had the best waffle--a pumpkin waffle-- I've ever had, complete with blueberries, bananas, pecans, syrup, sausage and more.

There just wasn't enough to read, however. Innkeeper and owner Carol  Maupin has been running the place for 21 years. We learned about it in Oklahoma Today magazine.
There were lot of Catalpa trees, with big heart shaped leaves that rattled in the autumn breeze and magnified the sounds of raindrops. It's a misspelling of the Catawba Indians tribe name, which had the tree as a totem.

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  1. Looks nice to me. I love to see well stocked bookshelves and lots of magazines.


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