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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forbidden, yellowing war art--part 2

"Seven bullets"--8" by 10" by Terrence Miller Clark, Comanche, Oklahoma, sometime in the 1920s or very early 1930s.

Art reflects the times. Growing up in red-dirt poor Comanche, Oklahoma, Terrence Miller Clark, born in 1914--when Oklahoma was only seven years old as a state. He was the first of five brothers, and could draw before he could walk. He usually got in trouble for his art, but his talent was obvious to everyone in town. Yes, I have some talent, but not the talent of my father. I labor over my work, and for Dad, it was just who he was.

All of these are on thin, yellowing paper, 8" by 10".


  1. The action shots are amazing. I used to draw airplanes ("child of the times" I drew Desert Storm era jet fighters) and got pretty good in my mind. Mine were technical though. A detailed airplane seen top down over a world of nothing. Your dad seemed to have the ability to nail action and perspective. Did he do art as an adult?


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