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Friday, February 3, 2012

Red canoe thoughts

Down the creek (river) with a paddle
A few summers ago with Susan and then Mark Hanebutt, on the North Canadian near El Reno, first day of what turned out to be a two day trip to Lake Overholser. I've since sold my canoe for lack of use and convenient places to escape. It was 15'8" long and weighed 80 pounds. Notice my Grizzly Bear paw on the bow. On the stern was an EarthFirst! decal.

Brought to mind by Ken Hada's poetry khada@ecok.edu and Duana Hada's watercolor http://rivertowngallery.com/ in "The River White," http://www.mongrelempire.org/Mongrel_Empire_Press/Poetry.html in Northwest Arkansas where there is a lot more canoe water. See my review http://clarkcoffee.blogspot.com/2012/01/rhythm-of-water-review.html 
Duane Hada, Parker Bend, Beaver Tailwater
Ken's words: 
"So much depends on red

It was a fantastic canoe trip...sometimes walking in shallow water pulling the canoe...down below the sounds of traffic. Lots of birds--owls, egrets, hawks, even two very lost Rosetta Spoonbills, turtles, and more. Having to stop after noon, tie the canoe up, climb steep banks and walk a mile to find a phone for a ride because we'd tipped the canoe and ruined a cell phone. I've notice when something unexpected or problems arise on a journey, those are the trips you remember...not where everything goes smoothly.

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