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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The War on Math and Science

Did you know America declared war on math and science in this century?

That's the title of one of the chapters in Friedman and Mandelbaum's book, "That Used to Be Us."

If you thought we were emphasizing math and science in our schools as all the politicians keep preaching, this title grabs you and makes you say, "Huh."

But I kept reading,  I realized words don't mean anything. Action is reality. (James2:17 for a Biblical bent, which essentially says "Faith without works doesn't exist."

so what are they talking about?

Math--the huge national deficit which began to grow after 2000. Vice-president Dick Cheney saying "deficits don't matter," and politicians wanting to cut taxes. That's war on math. It won't work for you and me--let's go charge everything and then take a cut in pay--and it isn't working for our country.

The war on science--politicians--including Oklahoma's own wholly owned puppet of energy companies Jim Inhofe--claiming that man-made climate change is a hoax. I'll admit, climate change isn't all the fault of fossil fuels, but to deny what most scientists int he world document is criminal or ignorant. Ever notice how much warmer it is in cities than the country during summer? Why? Concrete, and people. that's man made climate change. Science.

Now everybody agrees the deficit is the problem, and it's fair to debate how remedy that. But to delude ourselves that we can do it by cutting revenue without cutting spending is  to live in fantasy.

To deny that we must do something to help remedy the problems of climate change is also.

America is in trouble because our actions don't match our words.


  1. I really like the point made about man made climate change..
    And the ending point really makes me think!

  2. Americans and their issues with spending... debt could be solved with more understanding in math and less emotions. Logic is needed in this "war."

  3. Amen preach it, except that I think our problem with math extends back a lot further than 2000. We've been playing Santa Claus a long time. My favorite is Saint Ronald Reagan who vastly expanded government spending and debt (and taxes) while saying he was doing the opposite.

    As far as global warming. On one side we have Scientists, who tend to overqualify their opinions and findings, on the other side we have Politicians, who have no doubts. I'm going with the scientists.


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