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Monday, February 25, 2013

Meditation on a winter walk in art

Winter is almost over, but the voice of the wind and cold outside jars my memories. A couple of years ago, such a mood and Simon and Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence" inspired this abstract painting, which appears in the right sidebar of the blog. And my blogfriend poet K. Lawson Gilbert brought it to life with her word images, also in the sidebar at right.
But on this cold evening, it seems fitting to bring them back for another walk together.

Just out the window,
black silhouettes of trees
remind me of those
halcyon days with you,
when we climbed out of the
cellar toward enlightenment.
Now, at a glance, the wild
birds swing into view,
obscuring the real world
of young men dying
to get home, and the
snow that falls on
our brains stays solid - never
melting into springtime.
On the ferry, we sit and
compare notes as to whom
in life has suffered the most;
men, women, boys, or girls?
Suddenly, in a revelation, you
say it is the Buddha over on
Main, who sits on his plywood
altar, surrounded by plastic
flowers, subjected to all the
passersby, who have never had
a Zen thought of their own…

--K. Lawson Gilbert

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