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Monday, July 29, 2013

Memories of the first born

We headed east over the rolling hills of northwest Iowa 46 years ago.
The rising sun turned the mist from the corn golden, as we sped up and down the hills in a light green Volkswagen to the hospital 30 miles away. My wife's contractions had started before daybreak, and we left the house shortly after 5 a.m.
"Come in here, you're responsible for this," said the red headed doctor O'Toole, handing me a gown and mask, and about noon, a baby boy was born.
Those memories are still real, and I know his mother remembers even more, because mothers remember more than fathers do, including  more about the births of our other three children. 
Years have passed and there have been lots of ups and downs since then for all of us. But we're blessed with our children and grandchildren. That boy is now M/Sgt. Vance C. Clark, USAF, and he's on temporary duty in Kosovo, with his family in Germany. He's inherited his parents' travel spirit, humor and much more.
Happy Birthday son, and here's to the memories all parents have of their childrens' births, and the years since. 

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