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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nothing to celebrate today...when words don't work

An eight-year-old boy died today in an accident in the Edmond Liberty Fest parade. We don't know if he jumped off the float or what, but near the end of the parade, he got off, and the wheels rolled over him, apparently driven by his dad.
All the young media peeps, mostly broadcast,  are asking questions about the safety of the parade, etc., but other than expressions of horror and sympathy, they don't even touch the grief of parents and grandparents tonight....
Who keep asking, "What if, what if?"
I can only cry with the parents. I have not lost a child, praise God, but I know people who have, both young and old. My grandmother's wish was that she not outlive her children. but my Dad died before she did. I can't imagine what she felt.
So spare the words "condolences," "tragic," and so on. 
There are times when words don't work. This is one of  them.

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  1. Exactly. Horrible. I appreciate your comments from your grandmother. I can remember when I met Nanny Jolley. (Jim's grandma) and she expressed the same thing. Then when I found out a I was PG with Jared she asked how many children we planned to have and I said, "Oh, probably two", and she said "You can't do that, what if one of them dies, then you will only have one?". I remember being horrified when she said it but that was the reality of her time. And as often as I say I'd like to live to see 100, I've read quotes from many centenarians who hated outliving a child. But, I am getting off point. I will respect the wishes of the family who lost their precious child; they are asking for privacy at this time.


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