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Monday, July 15, 2013

Is Quakeahoma "Fracked" up?

This  won't be real popular in Oklahoma since state politics and culture are so subservient to oil companies, but the increases in Oklahoma earthquakes may indeed be linked to energy companies' "fracking" processes underground to extract more oil and gas (Injecting brine and chemicals at high pressure underground to fracture rock). 
This blog has never been political, but that doesn't mean issues can't be discussed, especially health and environmental. We've seen an increase in earthquakes here and elsewhere to make it a national topic of debate. Thus a new study, plus an HBO documentary will cause a lot of denials and excuses in the coming weeks. The energy companies claim it is environmentally safe. Further west, it is a topic of controversy because of the use of scarce water resources. And everywhere, there's the question of effects on the ground water table.
For a look at what I'm talking about, check out colleague Kurt Hochenauer's analytical blog post today, on Okie Funk, Notes from the Outback. Worth reading. Fracking 
And if you want another view, here's Bloomberg, the major national financial report.  Earthquakes

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