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Friday, October 9, 2009


I guess all the right wingers would prefer Obama got the War Award--no, that would deprive it from Bushie who is responsible for murdering a lot of Americans and more Iraqs in Iraq.

Why is this an issue? What does it matter? If it makes America look good in the world as a potential peacemaker, how can you oppose that? Why do they froth at the mouth like Pharisees? Why overreact? It tells you somethingabout their mindset.

Only because they don't want anything good to reflect on the President. They're blind in their hatred and narrow-minded ideology, and that makes them haters of what sets America apart. They have no idea what the rest of the world thinks, nor do they care. They're the new brand of isolationists--America first, and the rest be damned.

McCain was too good for them.

Does Obama deserve this? I don't know, nor care. If he could make peace at home by achieving some real bipartisanship, as he's repeatedly tried to do, he would certainly deserve it. He's got more chance in the Mideast that here.

The fanatics at home don't want that to happen here...they're just like the fanatics in the Mideast who will do anything to blow up the possibilities of peace.

Radical Fundamentalists--religious, et. al.--have no sense of compromise, of humor, of humility, of grace or forgiveness. They are the opposite of The Christ they say they follow...they're judgmental and hateful and most of all, destructive. Instead of hypocritically wearing little bracelets with "wwjd" on them, they should indeed ask themselves WWJD--What Would Jesus Do? Then they might try forgiving, caring, understanding, not judging people; not bragging about their faith, not gnashing their teeth as Pharisees at The President.

Maybe they should read First Corinthians 13 and apply it to their lives.


  1. Thanks, now I don't have to pen my pent-up frustrations on this subject. Well said.

  2. your brother in lawOctober 9, 2009 at 8:12 PM

    why is it an issue? Pretty simple Mr. Coffee. It`s another example to young people of how one gets something for nothing. Whatever happened to receiving rewards when someone has accomplished a task or achieved a goal. Had one watched the opening skit of the highly right wing leaning Saturday Night Live show last Saturday(you can see it on you tube)you would know that Obama has achieved zero of the promises he said he would bring.I`m sure out of the 200 or so individuals who were up for the award that atleast 1 did acheive something worth the award.But hey don`t shoot me or others for not agreeing with the choice.If it makes you and others happy, so be it.We`re happy for you, but it doesn`t change the fact he really wasn`t deserving of it. IMHO

  3. So. What has he done? He's a great speaker. Wooing, in fact. Charming and charismatic. His books are best-sellers, but rather self-congratulating.

    There's something unsettling about how much he loves himself. I am uneasy with that and aside from his apologies to a global audience... he hasn't done anything. He was nominated two months into his presidency.

    Yes. I am shocked. I am shocked and disturbed. I have a bad feeling about this guy and I pray for us all that I am wrong.

  4. Ha! Readership! I write beautiful stuff and nobody cares, but delve into politics, and the dam bursts. I don't care what you think...cause you ain't changing your mind nor mine, but at least you're reading.

    For the record, I don't think he particularly deserves it either, but that's not the issue, is it? It's called, hate Obama.

  5. No it`s not(hate). We`ll get through this time period like all others.Then it will be hate someone else.Thats sad.It`s perpetual hating.


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