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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Booth is back!

My wife, the toussle-headed brunette, at La Cisterna in "Roma"...does she look better with red wine in in front of her, or does red wine taste better with her?

Booth is Back! Louie's at 15th at Bryant...Thanks to Manager Randy Duncan, Bob Illidge's plaque is on the wall. All the waitresses are cute and students or former students, and the faculty gather for conviviality, no matter the vicissitudes or vagaries--today's celebrants included Jesse Miller, Sandy Martin, Terry Clark, Susan Clark, Mark Hanebutt, Christy Vincent, Jill Kelsey and Ashley Barcum!

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  1. When does the booth meet again? I remember you talking about it. I'm glad to hear you got it back, though it's in a different place now. :)


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