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Saturday, October 10, 2009

What and who's important

My oldest son Vance, USAF, with Sarah Elizabeth Grace Clark, in Florida, in September. Sarah Elizabeth is an old Clark family name, and coincidentally, the name of my favorite cousin on my Mom's side, Sarah Beth Lutrick Foote.

Footnote: Vance added the name of Grace to Sarah Elizabeth so her initials would not be SEC--he hates the Southeastern Conference and loves OU. Alas, children go their own way.

Vance and his wonderful wife Kerin--a Yankee from Massachusetts and a Patriots and Red Sox fan, are also the parents of Katherine Emerson Clark, who celebrated her fourth birthday last month, and I was there. Second photo shows Katherine, also a big OU fan. She's very good at shouting "Hang 'em horns!" I'll forgive her.

(dirty family secret--Vance is also a Yankee, born in Iowa--but I still love him).

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