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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back roads journal--IV, mystery of curves

What's around the remote curve on unpaved  NM 120 in the Sangre de Cristos?
"Lonesome Road," two favorite songs, one from 1927 and another by James Taylor, are different, but still songs of introspection, of discovery, of haunting emotions.  They almost capture for me the mystery of traveling the back roads, but not quite. I like those that twist and turn, and those that cross the wide open stretches, the ones that stretch out to the horizon, and I love mystery around every curve, over every hill. 
"Deserted" NM 26, winding toward who knows what
New Mexico does that for me, taking roads I'd not traveled before, the roads less traveled, wondering what I'll see. I'm never disappointed.
Don't say the roads are deserted, because life teems along them, from small to large. On NM 26, around one curve,  I found three bucks calmly grazing at the side of the road. They didn't run. I rolled down my window and began taking photos, five feet away.  Velvet still on the antlers. They knew it wasn't hunting season.
I love the roadsigns that show curves ahead, telling you to slow down. they beckon with changes of geology, of more challenges and interest.

Yes, riders on horses in the middle of  the unpaved
"highway," NM 120.

You can't get bored on straight stretches, because sooner of later, you're going to turn, sometimes abruptly.

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