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Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Mexico provoked, painting

Watercolor, 11 by 14, 140 pound d'Arches
 I'm not sure I like the word inspiration, when it comes to writing, or painting, or anything creative...This comes from a coffee conversation with Oklahoma Today editor Steffie Cocoran Friday. We think inspiration comes from not sitting around, but working, and then sometimes "magic" perhaps happens.
I was asked by my daughter last week and by a friend this week if I was painting. I said no, and while they didn't really ask, I could see the "why" on their faces, or I felt like I had to explain. Nathan Brown, Oklahoma  poet laureate, writes a poem every day. I remember a couple of summers back, following his example with a painting a day. My painting obviously got better, in spite of all the failures
So I started again this week, not inspired, but "provoked" by my recent trip to New Mexico, and by these friends. Below is the photo of the old building and wonderful rot at Ocate, posted here earlier. Above is my first attempt. You can tell, my painting is as rusty as that roof.  But there will be more. I'm provoked.

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