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Saturday, November 30, 2013

November nuances

The sun is setting on November. A walk in Hafer Park's curving trails highlights the shadows, and bare branches  frame a blue sky.
After a week of icy weather, and Black Friday madness, most of the surround streets are fairly calm with little traffic. 
In the park, fewer than usual people gather at tables on on the trails, in spite of pleasant sunshiny weather and no wind. With traffic muted, the loudest sounds come from the ducks and geese quacking away in the pond.
It's as if we're catching our breath for the coming holiday hassles and blue norther cold fronts as another year wanes toward solstice.
Our inner clocks want to wind down with longer nights and colder weather, but our civilization won't allow, until we take a walk in a park, noticing the birds, the seeds, the leaves, and the setting sun.

It's as if the world is catching its breath.


  1. Well said. The kid and I took a walk through the woods today to find a couple of geocaches and get our head screwed on straight.

  2. Love that last paragraph Clark. Very nicely put.
    Happy Holidays.


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