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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A blog and #clarkclass--staying up-to-date

#clarkclass blog--http://clarkclassUCO.blogspot.com
By @Okieprof on twitter
Staying up to date in this business--journalism or professing--has always been a challenge, but perhaps never more than now with such rapid change in technology, culture and more.
So it is that my UCO Twitter for Journalists/Media class, hashtagged #clarkclass, has now has taken on a life of its own, in its fourth or fifth intersession incarnation. And this year, I started a blog for the class to post assignments and speaker comments.
I started the class in response to professional journalists advising us they all used twitter. Not knowing anything about it, I bought one of those "Dummnies" books, and figured to give it a try.
What I have discovered has been astounding, as "twitter" changes, with more and more articles and research happening every day, affecting not just journalism, but life and many other businesses--along with other social media.
The class fills quickly to 24, because it's "trendy," but also because it covers only 10 days, and there's no high-priced textbook.
The reputation has spread, because I bring in talented professionals from different fields. I have music majors, business majors, technology majors, plus advertising, PR, broadcasting and standard journalism students.
Bringing in these speakers helps keep me up-to-date and enthused with new learning and discovery, and I learn with the students--which is the best kind of education. A colleague complimented me the other day for being "an old dog who can learn new tricks." Woof!
If you'd care to follow along, with the amazing comments from my speakers, they on the class blog, #clarkclassUCO  http://clarkclassUCO.blogspot.com. After each speaker we "debrief" and each students gives a comment. They're listed. 
The class is also rejuvenating...this is the most fun I've had teaching in a long time.

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