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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A walk in the park, sanctuary with the "old ones"

One of the "old ones"
A beautiful, unseasonable January day...the kind that makes you glad you live in Oklahoma.  
Yes winter weather can be bitter with north winds and ice and more, but....
It never lasts long, and almost forces you outside. Such was today, sunny, temps in the 60s. A north breeze, but still, only a windbreaker or sweatshirt needed.
So I turned off my phone, social media and all, heading to Martin Park  (see the web page for lots of photos) (for this Facebook link) in northern Oklahoma City. It has been a while, and I found the expanded parking lot packed, with the 144-acre park attracting lots of people of all ages--from babies in strollers with parents, to kids, teens, and to us "old timers." 
The city is making huge improvements to the park, from a playground, new trails and more. And in spite of the crowd, you can still find a few trails less traveled, and drink in the scenery, think, and enjoy nature...the only distraction the constant noise of the nearby turnpike, but at least you  can't see the traffic, and there is quiet. I passed one fellow who called the place "healing." It is.
Where aging isn't ugly, but beautiful
Another old one
The park--a wildlife sanctuary, and a sanctuary for humans too-- has always been an important treasure for urban livers, but as more and more  development surrounds it, it is even more important to our sanity and life, and the crowds show it. Along the way I took a few photos, and then realized I was photographing either the oldest trees, or quiet water, or of quiet places in Spring Creek which flows through the park, abundant in turtles, fish and waterfowl.
I guess I identify with the old ones, gnarled and wrinkled with age, but distinct individuals, weathering time and still living. Where aging isn't ugly, but beautiful. And the hope and peace of still water.
They're also testaments to how beautiful this country was before man covered it with concrete and traffic.

And out of death, comes life

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  1. Some of my favorite times with my hobby of geocaching has been at dusk in Martin Park. I've had deer follow me around as I do my searching. (My naturalist friends tell me that is because I was too close to their fawns). I love the place but haven't been there in ages.


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