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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Retirement reverie, 4 of 5--The Oklahoma Press

Oklahoma Press Association  honcho Mark Thomas spinning a yarn. Zach and Kathy Nash in the background.
been honored to be a member and associated with the Oklahoma Press Association for 45 years, working with journalists all over the state, many of whom are great friends. 

Pam Henry is a dear friend. Steve  Garrison, Dave Ford are UCO colleagues.
My emphasis has always been community journalism, and the newspaper people are my community also.  I was pleased that some of them attended my reception.
It's a community of  barbs, jokes, humor and stories based on years of experience. You know who your friends are when they gig you--it comes from years in the trenches of journalism's stress and satisfactions--mutual earned respect..
Next--my UCO colleagues.

The women of OPA, Ashley Novachich, Lisa Potts, and my editor Jennifer Gilliland. 
Old friend Steve Booher and I walked football sidelines at Duncan & Waurika.

I don't know what story Mark told, but it was good, and maybe true. UCO college Mark Hamebutt in background.

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  1. Fabulous photos of a great day at your Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame, Dr. Terry Clark. Your Fan and Friend, Pam Henry, 2004


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