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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Retirement Reverie--Part 5A--My UCO colleagues

I think I just joked UCO would name a Port-a-Potty after me . Mary Carver and Mark Hanebutt
 Too many photos, but not enough. So I'm dividing this into two posts. I couldn't greet everyone nor get all the photos I wanted. Alas. But here's the first part of some very special people in my life. Much of my success is due to their friendship and support.
President Betz. Kateleigh Mills and Elizabeth Spence of Vista in background

My dear, dear freind Jill Kelsey, retired professor

Sherri Johnson is as close to a sister as I have

Christy Vincent like a sister too

My "other wife" Sherry Sump--my right arm when I was chair-- and husband Gary

Former students and colleagues, Mark Zimmerman, Zach Nash
The conspirators who put out my special paper of memories.
Ooops--forgot these alums--Sara Cowan, Sheri Guyse, Desiree Treeby in background
Crowd--colleagues--Dez Hill foreground, Gypsy Hogan right, and lots of others I never go photos with.
More photos coming.

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