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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Retirement reverie--Part 2--The fam, & surprises

(Photos and stories on my colleagues, my students and the press coming next.)
Two family surprises awaited me at the retirement reception last week at UCO. 
I knew my daughter-in-law Kerin Clark and three granddaughters were driving up from San Antonio, since my oldest son, Vance,  was working in the U.K. And I hadn't heard from my son Travis, the Rock Mountain man. 
He walked in the door just as the reception was getting  underway. 
And then Kerin got Vance to greet me and the crowd by face time on the phone. My other two, daughter Dallas and son Derrick, simply couldn't get here because of conflicts and distance. 
Most of these photos need no cutlines. Photos by Lauren Bieri, Mark Zimmerman, Susan Clark, Dez Hill.

Alexx, me, Kerin, Susan, and Neysa, Sarah and Katherine

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