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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Retirement reverie, 3--My students--lots of hugs

Students--why I teach and hugs.
Lot of hugs and I didn't get to see everyone, alas, or get photos of everyone I wanted. But, here are some of the best--Photos by Lauren Bieri. Yes, I know, they could be cropped better. Just trying to stay on schedule.

From OSU days...Richard Mize and Lynne Baldwin Matzell

Steve Curry, USN (Ret.) drove up from Houston

Mark Zimmerman and Zach Nash who masterminded the paper
Kelley Chambers and Heidi Centrella
Dr. Angel Riggs, OSU prof
Amy Welch, CPA Association PR wizard
Jennifer Palmer and Marta Burcham
Sara "Brat" Cowan
Harold Story and Meredith Zimmerman
Heide Brandeis
Current students...Misty Jordan, Jessica Phillips
Elizabeth Spence of The Vista
Ashley Trattner
Cassidy Jackson
Jim Hulsey

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