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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Words you have to look up, and mountains

Mountain journey, 9 by 12 watercolor, 140# d'Arches
that you have to circle words in--I love it, and go back and look them up. Reminds me of mountains--no matter what you see, there's always the unknown, more to learn.

It's mountain mood today, reading  The Living Mountain by the late Nan Shepherd about the Cairngorms of northeast England, another place I'd never heard of.
I found the book in another I'm reading, Landmarks, By Robert MacFarland of Cambridge University, about the deep place names of local places in England and Scotland, complete with partial  glossaries of the old names.  Names as landmarks...so powerful for any country, and any reader or writer and seer.
I first found him about a year ago in his book The Old Ways, about walking the ancient paths in England.
In this recent book, he devotes most of a chapter to Shepherd's book, and writes the forward to her most recent edition. It's a book of a lifetime of discovering mountains up close, not from a distance.
Other than English and Scottish terms I don't know, there are words throughout that I've circled, going back at the end of each chapter to look them up in the OED.
Thus today's watercolor, Mountain Journey, exploring and risking new paths in watercolor.

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