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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Meet "Dimp" the Emp discovered in his tree home--chapter 1

"Dimp" the emp
Have you heard about  Emps?
Probably not, unless you walk in forests or around a lot of trees and pay close attention.
On a recent walk in Hafer Park I noticed some holes in trees very need the ground. Pausing and breathing and listening, I picked up on some unusual vibes.
Then I put my hand on the tree I've named "Sol" for Solitude, trying to feel the pulse of whatever it was.
The more relaxed I became, the more I learned, finding out why being around trees helps spur imagination.
Demp's home in Hafter Park
Looking inside one of the little holes, I found evidence of habitation, so while connecting pulses with the tree, I learned, almost by osmosis,  about an important new species on the planet.
Humans never really see these nocturnal little creatures, but I learned they're called Emps, adopting and caring for individual trees in a mutual relationship.
The longer I stood there, the more of an image I had of an Emp, learning they even have individual names and are not dangerous, unless you're an acorn.
This tree, Sol,  was the home of Dimp, because he has dimples. And today, I was finally able to get a firm image of Dimp, so I could translate it to watercolor, which Sol wanted me to share because trees and emps are so important to all of us.
In future chapters, I'll spend more time talking about why and how Emps have evolved like they have, what they eat, what they do, their names, etc. 
But first here is my portrait of Dimp the Emp, and a photo of his tree home in Hafer Park.

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