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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Colorful Calm Cat-astrophe series no. 7

"Color me Calm," 5 x 7 Calm Cat-astrophe watercolor series no. 7, 140 lb Fabriano Artistico 
Cats come in all colors, patterns, shapes, personalities--like colors. The more you mix them, the more variations you discover, the more surprises you find. Genetic principles apply, but variations seem limitless.
You never know exactly what colors you'll get when you start mixing them, beyond a few simple physical principles, because water adds another variable to the chemistry.
In the catastrophes of pandemic, racism and political chaos in America, those same examples seem to apply today.
I know that colors can in certain contexts be alarming as with a Nazi or Confederal battle flag, but in the midst of alarming times, colors, literally light incarnate, for the most part, bring happiness, ideas, calm, like cats. And we need color and calm more than ever.
Today's Calm Cat-astrophe is something different, an experiment in color and cats.

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