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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Story of art rescued with chalk--Title?

Watercolor and chalk, 6 x 8, Title?
Sometimes watercolor just doesn't work for me. I have a large collection of almost paintings in the closet, and I pull them out ever once in a while and try painting something else on the reverse.
If that effort doesn't quite work to my satisfaction either,  I may toss it in the waste basket.
More than once my wife Susan sees one like that, pulls it out, and asks if she could have it. Then she takes my Dad's old art chalks, and begins playing with it. 
One such effort hangs on our bedroom wall, of Sacre Coeur in Paris from a photo I took there 15 years ago. The watercolor was pretty good but she took chalk to it, and really improved it. It is literally our painting.
Thus it is with this small 6 x 9 effort that was entirely too dark in watercolor. She recently rescued it and improved it.   I'm framing it for her birthday Saturday.

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