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Friday, July 31, 2020

A pandemic month of art and writing and procrastinating

Cartoon waiting for editorial blog post
The pandemic of virus, racism and political chaos provoked my writing and art, perhaps more for sanity and spirit, and this blog is evidence, as it set some records, overcoming my procrastinations.
World Watercolor Month's daily prompts  helped rescue the once almost comatose blog, as my paintings provoked writing about each one, something I hadn't anticipated.
As a result, this is post number 150 so far this year, and there have been almost 3,600 hits during the month, the third highest in four years, since July, 2016. 
The 150 posts, compared to last year's total of 112, means the blog will, by the end of the year, rank at least sixth all-time since it began in 2009, and it could rank fifth, depending on my efforts in the next five months.
Today I'm supposed to paint "Do-Over" for watercolor month, marking 31 daily paintings, though there have been more, considering some birthday cards. I hope I get today's done.
The pandemic weighs on our spirits and sometimes I just don't want to paint, but it has kept me going. Writing this post now is another of my procrastinations. 
There are three other blog posts I wanted to do this month that I've not completed. One is about my four-month Pandemic journal that I've written in every day but one since April 1. Another is about poetry from three friends. Still another will be about recent books
The other is an editorial I've written and need to rewrite about Edmond city council's meaningless vote on requiring masks, which I've already posted the  cartoon on social media.
For the record, here are the top years for the blog posts.

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