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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Blue symbolism

"Turquoise Door," 5 x 7 watercolor, Fabriano Artistico extra white 
Favorite color?
That was easy to answer, but how to paint it? It was today's #WorldWatercolorMonth challenge prompt from Doodlewash.
I have used more hues of blue paint than almost any other, and never thought about it much, until I found something about it being the significant color for the name "Terry" recently. 
Coincidence? Probably, unless you're into New Age stuff, but part of what I read fit me, even subconsciously: "The color blue helps attract mental and physical relaxation as well as relief from negative thoughts." I'll take that as an added antidote to the #pandemics of disease, racism and a divisive president attacking our country and mood.  
But there is  blue  that is my most  favorite--turquoise, though it is has many shades of color in nature.
That's the influence of New Mexico, and turquoise also has a spiritual and historic background of thousands of years. For me, the turquoise doors and window frames and  other trim set against the earthen adobe of New Mexico always beckons.
So today's watercolor is a one-brush, a hake, effort--a minimalist multi-hued turquoise, with a touch of some green,  plus a slash of ultramarine for shadow. 
I'm ready to walk through that door, relaxed, just by painting it.

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