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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Back to the Dust Bowl image, Oklahoma

Oklahoma can kiss its so called progressive national image and so-called renaissance goodbye,  thanks to  two continuing government debacles. 
It's back to the Dust Bowl images of poor, backward dump Okies.
Infected Gov. Kevin Stitt, the only pandemic infected governor, refuses to issue mask mandates, making Oklahoma an island of disease surrounded by such progressive states as Arkansas (duh).  Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Colorado also require them.
Then the Washington Post, in a front page article on national unemployment woes because of the virus, started with the cases and backload, and tragedy and inhumanity in Oklahoma.
Headline was bad enough...
"'A very dark feeling': Hundreds camp out in Oklahoma unemployment lines."
But this sentence, read around the country and the world, pretty well seals the national image of "Poor little backward Oklahoma":
"In Oklahoma, one of the poorest states, unemployment — which reached a record 14.7 percent in April — has pushed many to the point of desperation, with savings depleted, cars repossessed and homes sold for cash."
Maybe not the Dust Bowl, whose image haunted Oklahoma for decades.
No, but COVID Bowl, pretty much.

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