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Monday, November 30, 2020

A November record

"November Stroll," 8 x 10 watercolor

post marks the 31st this month, but more than that for me, blogging since May, 2009.

It's my most posts in any November. The previous high number was in that first year, with 26, and for some reason November has never been a strong blogging month for me.

The first year of any blog is usually one of the strongest, and many fall into oblivion as people run out of inspiration--unless of course it's a niche blog that manages to make money. I wish it did, but never really figured out how.

It's amazing to me that this blog is still going, because it doesn't make money, and after retirement, as the journalism bent dwindled, it was almost comatose, even missing two months in recent years. Until...

Watercolors have saved it, and me too for that matter in these last years, especially the tradition of holiday greeting cards that I sort of stumbled upon. 

The cards, and my other watercolors, will boost the blog to another record at the end of the year. It will become fourth highest in blog posts  when it surpasses 2013 at 252.  That also  amazes and motivates me.

Now, back to watercolors.

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