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Monday, September 21, 2009

The autumn wind

Watercolor--Autumn wind and leaves--Present Tense

is whipping through the tress, the branches and leaves rustling and swaying. Clouds come and go across the sky. It's cool, it's autumn, it's invigorating weather for being free, for being alive, for being creative.

Such weather makes you think, makes you breathe, makes you value life and change, and makes you want to live for the moment.

The status quo is a great sloth in a tree, wrote Ray Bradbury. Knock it down on its ass and live, said he in Zen and the Art of Writing. Take risks, run, laugh, play, look and listen and enjoy the moment. Fall is the present tense season... and it's calling us to soak up right now. No wonder Yhwh said "I am that I am." So are we all, except we miss it by dwelling on the past heat of summer, and dreading the death of winter. Instead, look at the leaves... "To every thing there is a season," and the season is now. It is literally divine.

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