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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Booth" for Bob at Klark's Keep

Friends, neighbors, alumni, and those who are not--

Forsooth and yea verily

When in the course of human and no-longer-human events, tomorrow marketh the fifth earthly trip around yonder sun since Bob Illidge, the wit and soul of the old journalism department at UCO, decided to go keep God in stitches with his humor and wisdom and Missouri sweatshirt. Henceforth and in the passage of time, most of the  journalism department attended his funeral in Wichita, and we have a redwood tree growing in the front yard of his and Elizabeth's home.

Woe to those, but many did not know him, but have perchance  come to appreciate the parables we pronounce when we toast him when we meet at "The Booth," where his plaque doth still hang..

Accordingly, and whereas, in his honor, I'm calling a booth at my house this Friday, from 4 to 6. I'll provide two bottles of good Irish Catholic Whiskey, Jameson's, to toast him and our department, and to the "vagaries and vicissitudes" of the vernal victory.

Yea verily, if thou can make it, come and go, or just come, stay and then go, please inscribe to me by email, or other appropriate angel,  by  5 pm Thursday, April 1, the day he died.

If thou be a teetotaler, come anyway, I'll make a big pitcher of iced- tea, with a sprig of green mint to make it Irish. If thou wantest beer, or something else, bring it. I do not provide bottled water. If God had wanted water bottled, he'd have created plastic. Tap water, with ice is more Scriptural. The ionic cribbage board and green coffee cup will add to the "spirits" of the occasion.

If thou wantest chips and dips or other finger food, bring it, please. Let me know what thou willst bring if thou are coming.

If  thou needest instructions to Klark's Keep, let me know and the Clark Cartographic Society will promptly provide a hand-inscribed handy-dandy map.

"To Bob,"


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