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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Down the hatch," or up for that matter

Hatches between bulkheads and decks
Between the 20 decks and at various places along the decks of the 1,000 foot+ length  Abraham Lincoln, are more watertight hatches than I can count. The hatches between the decks can be sealed  when needed. The hatches along the decks are sealed behind you with a lever every time you go through it--"Dog that hatch," I heard one sailor say.

Climb up and down those ladders and through those doors every  day, and you get a workout.
Between decks
Steve Curry's cousin Jim Isbell on his way to dinner. I'm right behind.
I don't know about these kind, and I didn't try to go down it either.
And definitely not this one.
But I went up this ladder and through that hatch every day.
This is the largest I saw, at the rear of the ship onto the fantail. Inside is where they repair and test jet engines for the aircraft. To test them, they open both doors and start the engines so the jet blast goes out to sea. Notice it can also be made watertight.

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