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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Saltwater flush"

Everything on the USS Abe Lincoln is labeled. it has to be.
"Saltwater flush" caught my eye on the pipe leading from the toilet in the male officers' head.

All the wiring, all the pipes, all the doors are labeled in several ways. And there are maps of the deck layout everywhere. They have to have them, or you'd easily get lost.
This was the map on the wall near our bunks. It's deck 2, which is one below the flight deck, I think. Yellow spaces are bunk areas. The large blank area in the middle is the hangar deck, which means we had to go down or up ladders and through hatches to get from our births near the bow, to the hangar deck to near the rear of the ship where we went down mor ehatches and ladders to the wardroom where food and coffee was always available.
This is a door with labels. I don't understand most of them, except  02 is for our level of births, and 33 means your're fairly close to the bow. the higher that number, back to 255 the farther aft you are.
This is the most important door that I left out of the door post earlier. In the middle of the night, you have to get up and go down a narrow hall and use your hotel type magnetic key to get in here to use the toilet with the "Salwater flush" lable Also the showers.
The narrow hall between sides of the ship, off of which was thedoor to our quarters, and which also lead to the most important door, "Men's head."

I told you everything was labeled.
Including fire hoses
Including gauges like this...
Mind boggling isn't it? 20 decks, 1,097 feet long, 257 feet wide, on every deck. Size, science, people and pride.

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