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Friday, April 22, 2011

What a "mess" at sea

It takes a lot of food and space to feed the crew of the USS Abe Lincoln, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You read the stats of the amount of food in earlier posts. Here are some photos to go with them.
Loading Poptarts and more in San Diego

More groceries
Some of the day's milk supply
Part of one of the kitchens
The salad bar in wardroom three for the officers...the fresh fruit is available 24 hours a day

Part of the buffet in the officers' third wardroom
and more...

And if you're there before 7 am, the cooks will fry you eggs or make omelettes, etc.
Wardroom 3--where we ate everyday. Two others were closed because the airwing was gone.
One of the mess areas where the enlisted sailors eat.
Does that whet your appetite? We had lobster one evening---no wonder the crew likes Tiger cruises...special food for special guests. Let's see, that means almost 4,000 lobsters that day. Mmmm.

Oh, the most important area of the wardroom, to me at least:
Coffee keeps the Navy afloat, says my uncle Mike, a WWII and Korean War combat Navy veteran.
 And that's what's brewing in my coffee pot, today.

Next, sleeping quarters, sick bay, shaft alley, and the wide wake of the Abe Lincoln, plus a surprise or two.

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