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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The ends of July

This is the 21st post this month, and this July marks the fourth most visited month in more than three and a half years, with more than 3,100 hits.
A year ago, I wrote about my Dad's glasses.  I had 20 posts that month.
Two years ago, I carried photographs of my granddaughter, Liberty...who just this month became a big sister. I had 19 posts that month.
Three years ago, I carried photos of a lemonade stand that granddaughters Erin and Abby Bell and I painted. The first July of my blog , it had 70 posts, the second most of any month. The blog started in early May, 2009. There have been many posts and miles since then. I'm grateful that it's still going--thus in a minority.
The blog has changed, as I have, from almost complete writing to include photography, videos and artwork. More changes are in store, soon, as I mark the passing years, and explore the future ones.
The first photo on the blog, May 15, 2009
titled, "Three old Farts"--Hanebutt, Clark and Hickman

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