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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blogvolution Blues

A good blog is always changing, always evolving, I've found. I call it "blogvolution." It changes with the author and times and  technology. Like life. No change, no life. I teach that to my students. It's always a matter of learning, experimenting, changing, growing.
But I an not pleased when I click on some item, tinkering to make small changes with an overall appearance I like-- and my  whole blog changes, as happened two days ago. Bear with me while I try to figure this out and improve the layout and typography. I don't know what I did, and I don't like it, and Blogspot, while easier than Wordpress, is not exactly non-computer-geek friendly. I considered changing to Wordpress, but since I teach a blogging class, Blogspot is just too beginner friendly to give up, even if it maddeningly obtuse. Some blogvolution is regressive. Or maybe it was just a sign that I was too stuck in my ways and need to change more.
So I'm out of my comfort zone and still tinkering, a little at a time. It will get better.

  • Rule One--Is it easy to read? If not, nothing else matters--that involves quality content, interesting and good writing, and appropriate typography.
  • Rule Two--Is it attractive and well-organized to help achieve Rule 1? If not, make it so.
I'm working on rule 2 at the moment, without much success. I may have to hire someone to get it where I want. Suggestions of any sort are welcome.


  1. I feel your pain and that is why I don't mess with my layout too much. I like writing posts and I hate messing "under the hood."

  2. Sadly, it seems that unless you know how to do some basic html/css, then most under the hood stuff is hard to get it to do what you want. Both through Wordpress and Blogger.


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