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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday simmering

A stressful week ends with a Saturday of simmering intentions, but they've not come to a boil.
The blog has wilted it seems, between the start of classes, the death of my first mother-in-law, brief visits with three of my children, surgery on my father-in-law, and my computer getting ready to die.
Only the pressure to keep blogging, as the teacher of blogging class, and watching my monthly blog traffic wither as well, pushes me to the keyboard.
Good news  comes in small packages, including the kids' visit and seeing four of the grandchildren. The a friend writes that she's seen my story on Western art in the new issue of Oklahoma Today. It's a story I sweated over, and enjoyed, but I haven't seen it yet. There is nothing like a byline. And the managing editor of Oklahoma Today writes about my latest story, liking it, and asking for revisions.
There is nothing like a byline. One former students comes up to me this week, just bouncing with joy. "Dr. Clark, Dr. Clark, I'm getting hired by The Vista."She is so thrilled to write and work for the student newspaper and can't wait to tell me This young woman is a successful blogger and can write really well. So much excitement and passion. I need that.
Early this morning, I go to the farmers market, where the crows and produce are dwindling with summer. But the sweet ripe smell of a cantaloupe, porter peaches, some sweet corn for the grill help brighten the day.
There's so much to write about, that may never see the pen, from the horrible Oklahoma murder to the Manning case, to faculty gathering at a watering hole Thursday to laugh the first week away.
And the blogs I follow, including Yogi's Den,  Turtle Rock Farm, Okie Funk, Really Most Sincerely, Red Dirt Ramblings and Santa Fe Daily Photo prompt me, give me ideas and the urge to write, to travel and to photograph.
Tonight we will go see "The Women," the play at Reduxion Theatre , a cool theater in the round in Oklahoma City. That will prompt even more ideas. A New Mexico attack is also infecting me...it's been a year since I've been there, and a long weekend is coming up. 
Maybe these items will turn up the heat and bring the blog back to boiling.

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  1. I went to a family reunion a few weeks ago in South Dakota. Part of it is attending service at a small church two miles down a dirt road that has been active for 125 years this year on land that my great great grandfather deeded over way back when for the church. There were two students from UCO in attendance that morning and their father, all from Edmond. Small world out there.
    I'm really feeling a New Mexico attack. It has been seven years for me.


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