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Sunday, December 29, 2013

22 or so favorite blog postings of 2013

Roads traveled in 2013 on Coffee with Clark--this one in New Mexico
Roads traveled in 2013--Looking back, here are my 22 favorite blog postings from this year and their links, if you'd care to look by clicking on them.
  • December--Probably the best writing I've done this year, was this week, "Mortality on my mind." Probably the most fun, were all the little Christmas cards I did leading up 12 days before Christmas, culminating with Silent Night
  • November--Four stand out. Story of son Travis' birth, Friday night 44 years ago ; story of daughter Dallas' birth, Third time's a charm ; My heritage of veterans ; Thoughts on JFK assassination, When the world was young
  • October--You can't trust science
  • September--Several posts of my Back roads journal in New Mexico, a solo journey into myself (Which is where the photo at the top of this blog came from, and I haven't changed it since); (Missing--I know I wrote about youngest son Derrick's birth, but can't find it); Geezer meeting the Google Glass
  • August--Oklahoma's western art museums, where you can Breathe the West ; Twittering about journalism
  • July--First born son Vance's birth ; Story about a pioneer graveyard and infant graves; Several posts from early July about the 150 year anniversary of Gettysburg
  • June--Watercolor workshop in OKC, lessons and life,
  • May--Coffee with Clark's fifth birthdayMemorial day and the veteran I knew best; We adopted cats, so here are lessons  and a rap from the cat box 
  • April--Painting a castle with my granddaughter Katherine, on  my  March trip to Germany
  • March--Easter and I wonder if Jesus would go to church 
  • February--Ghosts and learning about my Dad in the Depression from new emails
  • January--Pixels and thoughts about newspapers.

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