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Friday, December 27, 2013

More books of the year

More books I found scattered around the house that helped shape my year:
  • Completed:
1. Good Medicine, 1929 first edition of Charlie M. Russell book of his illustrated letters, with intro by Will Rogers. My Dad's book, given to me by my brother.
2. The Geologic Story of the Great Plains, 54-page booklet by Donald Trimble for the Theodore Roosevelt Nature and History Association
  • Others I started, and didn't get all the way through this past year:
1. Geronimo, by Robert Utley, Wrangler Award Winner, Cowboy Hall of Fame
2. True Secret of Writing, by Natalie Goldberg, writing guru whose books I steal ideas from for teaching
3. Reining In the Rio Grande, by Phillips, Hall, Black, the story of the watershed
4. Detroit, by Charlie LeDuff, loaned by friend Andy Jensen. Read first chapter--too depressing
5. The Art of SEO--given by Andy, and way too deep computer stuff for me.

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  1. I love seeing what other people are reading. A house without books is a house without a soul as far as I am concerned. There are lots of soulless houses out there. I don't count somebody's 30 year old college accounting textbooks as books either.


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