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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Twitter for journalists #clarkclass @okieprof

Tomorrow begins my two-week intersession class, Twitter for Journalists, with 24 students enrolled.
The schedule is brutal...meeting from 9 am to 2:30 pm for three hours of credit. It's the third time I've taught the class, responding to remarks from our department's advisory committees in professional fields.
Most people my age look at twitter as just another new fangled social media doodad, but I've found out it is far more than that. While I may not use it much, nor need it at my life and professional stage, it has become essential for young professionals, and for business and politics in this rapidly changing world.
When I first started this, learning on my own, I was afraid there wouldn't be enough material. But there's a flood of resources, in print and digitally, and the beauty is there's no need for a textbook.
Every day I post a bunch of links for the students' reading and tweeting. If you wish, you can follow the class on twitter by searching #clarkclass. My user name is @okieprof.
It's a fun laid back class, where they get to use their phones. Enrollment fills quickly, in three days or less, and the students coming out of it talk about how valuable it was. 
In addition to the reading and tweeting and more stuff, I bring in professional speakers from different professions (I have all kinds of majors in the class). Speakers so far this year will be Oklahoma Sports Editor Mike Sherman, Good Egg Restaurant Marketing Director Sheri Guyse, freelance writer Heide Brandes, Gazette General Manager Dave Rhea, UCO social media person Monica Helms and assistant vice-president Adrienne Nobles.  In the past broadcast prof Desiree Hill and HR maven Jessica Miller-Merrill have also spoken. I should give you their twitter names, but that's later.
Here's the first day's tweets from #clarkclass:

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