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Friday, February 21, 2014

Fire in the belly, watercolor and poetry

Fire in  the belly,  6 by 6 watercolor, handmade India paper
I didn't know what was inside me to paint today, until I came across a poem. Years ago, a blogger and poet I met somehow online, K. Lawson Gilbert of Pennsylvania responded to a painting of mine.
Her poetry struck chords with me, and some of my paintings with this school teacher and word artist. She doesn't blog much, like most folks, because life is life, and we creative types run in spurts, I think. But to be stunned with imagery, you should read her poetry on her blog, Old Mossy Moon.
One of her poems appears on Coffee with Clark's  homepage, under an abstract painting of mine "Silence" which she entitled, "Meditation"
She also wrote about my snow scene "High Lonesome," a title and theme I have adopted from my Dad's art and my love for the wide-open remote West.
And one of the short poems she wrote about that cabin scene was this:
       "Out on the plains,
       the snow piled up.
       But inside the cabin,
       the two were warm...
       words were their clothes -
       their bodies a language
        of poetry and prose."

If that doesn't  awaken your senses, I don't know what will. Here's the 2009 painting that inspired the poem, and the blog link: High Lonesome
So finding that poem today, here's what I painted tonight--I hope it does justice to the poem.
There are two stages to the painting before the one you see above. Know, I didn't know what would come next.
Reminds me of Jim Morrison, and "Fire in the Belly." It just happened, and that's exciting. Don't ask me to explain.
For those of you who wonder, here's the story of the finished painting, in two steps:


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