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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A garden door to magic, in watercolor

Garden door...11 by 14 watercolor, 140 pound d'Arches
Do you have a magic garden?
A place in your memory or heart where only you can go?
A  refuge where you steal away from the worries and troubles  and noise of everyday life?
A location where you find beauty and comfort, where you're always welcome?
A source of solitude where you can talk and be listened to?
A garden where you come away with answers and insights?
The yearning for such a garden is old, and perhaps universal, and has lead to many myths and stories and religions of alternative universes.
I'm reminded of two songs --the old Gospel song, "There's a garden where Jesus is waiting," and "Camelot."
The door to my garden is between two Ponderosa pine trees, in a mountain meadow, barely visible.  This is what it looks like, when I prepare to leave my garden and return to present tense.
In fact, the idea for this painting came when I was about to reach for the door knob. Magic.

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