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Monday, February 17, 2014

Mountain time

"Mountain Time"--9 by 9 watercolor, handmade Indian paper
Ed Abbey missed one mode of time in " Essays on Time." Yes, he writes of clock time, the most trivial. And of solar time, river time, of desert time, of biological  time, of star time, of poetry time, of love time.
I realized this last night, and had to paint what was inside. Mountain time.
Where centuries are mere nano-seconds of our time. Where people for ages have gone to get close to some bedrock spiritual and sometimes religious power they don't understand.
If you've been fortunate, mountains are in your blood. And for me, somewhere there's always a cabin attached.

So here is "Mountain Time":

Where glaciers move fast, 
Uplift  of spirit from bedrock
pouring forth life like water,
rising above mere existence
with deep roots.

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