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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A gate always beckons

Beckoning...9 by 8 1/2 watercolor, handmade India paper
Is it swinging open, or swinging shut? Can you tell if it is sunrise or sunset? 
I can't, and don't care to.
Something beckons about a gate, closed, ajar, or wide-open. Is it an ending, or a beginning? I saw this in my garden this morning.
Of the central symbols in my life, gates rank there with cabins, old windows, mountains and deserts it seems. So much change happens without answers, and gates are images of that uncertainty. Metaphors help us cope or understand, or at least add perspective.
Though it's a Gospel song about the end of life,  the title "Just Inside the Gate," captures that spirit in life, regardless of religion or belief.
Think of the gates in your life, actual, and experienced. They always beckon of change, of something different. Come with me.

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