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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#Okieprof on teaching

I was asked to talk about my teaching philosophy for a Department of Mass Communication video presentation on our self evaluation at UCO this year. Thanks to Mark Scott's camera work and editing for making me at least look presentable. 
I don't use the word "philosophy" though...it's just part of why and how this old journalist hopes to teach. In the background is the blog for my twitter for Media class, #clarkclass, that starts Monday. The plaque is the Oklahoma SPJ Lifetime Achievement Award. And that is a Montana Grizzly Bear Crossing sign behind the computer.
I'm really posting this for my grandchildren, so they can see their granddad.

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  1. Hey the video was all good and what I really liked the most was at the last when you talked about passion. That is such a key for everybody. Great job!


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