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Thursday, May 14, 2015

An enthusiastic storyteller of twitter and life

If you're not excited about journalism, or life, you should talk with Mike Sherman, The Oklahoman's sports editor.
A 1986 grad of UCO, Mike is always a repeat visitor to #clarkclass because of his upbeat outlook, his humor, and his enthusiasm. 
He's a storyteller. Rather than just talk or give dull lectures, he is a constant stream of stories about people and events. 
He gets engaged with the students, looks them up digitally, wants to know about them, asks them questions. He knows a lot, about sports and much more.
Here are some comments from the students as we "debriefed" after he left yesterday, recorded by @SydOKC:
·      “The fact that Twitter was a big search engine. You can do advance searches. Also, the pros and cons to twitter are similar to life.”
·      “I don’t love getting on Twitter, but I realize I must get into it within the workforce. “
·      “If you can know it you should know it because with the age we are in there’s no excuse for ignorance.”
·      “Twitter isn’t a positive or a negative. Networking is how you really make your connections.”
·      “There are no non-public facing jobs. If you have any social media, anyone can find anything out about you. You’re not two people, you’re one person.”
·      “I liked how honest he was with Mr. Unreliable (headline). Very truthful and wasn’t trying to sugar coat things. He honestly cared about his viewers.”
·      “I like that he said, we don’t go after things, things come to us.”
·      “He wants to hire someone that has something to teach him. There’s no business without Twitter.”
·      “Twitter is not the end; it’s a means to the end. It should be there as a tool. It’s a bridge; it’s not the actual relationship. It shouldn’t be your only source, but to help connect with others.”
·      “Twitter is more of a listening device rather than broadcasting tool.”
·      “It’s important to get connections through Twitter.”
·      “If you can know it, you should know it because the resources are available.”
·      “I related to was the fact that he doesn’t love Twitter, but he loves the connectivity of Twitter.”
·      “When you’re on Twitter you think of this person as a specific person on Twitter. It should relate your real life. Use the tool to be open and honest.”
·      “Being able to look things up on advance search from Twitter whenever you’re not actually there is very convenient.”
·      “Twitter is the biggest connector.”
·      “He talked about the viral effect with ISIS. They had 200 followers and being able to reach so many people.”
·      “I like that he’s a story-teller. He gets all the information in there. He used Twitter to tell story.”
·      “I liked how he talked about the three of his employees were hired off and found new ones by blogging about it and tweeting about it. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to find a job on Twitter. I could use Twitter to find a job in the future.”
·      “Do your homework.”
@okieprof tweets:
  • "Mobile is our satellite truck."
  • "Rapid change--our business is like changing tires on a moving car."
  • The bible and twitter: "'All that is hidden shall be revealed,' (Luke)--sounds like twitter."

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