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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12 days til Christmas - viewing eternity

Viewing eternity, 5 by 7 watercolor
12 days til Christmas...a star appears.
Humans have always followed the stars, those mysterious, far away beacons of mystery, and eternity, signals to us here below, guides to navigation, symbols of ways of living and character, even today.
Science explains the star of Jesus' birth as a super nova, an exploding star. Faith says it was God-made. I'm not sure there is a difference.
I know that when you look at stars, you are looking back in time millions of years...the years it took that light to reach here from lights years across the universe.
And the light a super nova, once exploded, would last for days and nights as something extra bright long enough for travelers to "follow."
 Rock art in Chaco Canyon in New Mexico records a  super nova from about 1054...it lasted long enough, and in the day, for those mortals to chip it as a petroglyph into sandstone.
For fellow travelers, we short-lived mortals, viewing stars is viewing eternity in comparison to our lives.
Stars beckon for many reasons. Christmas.

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