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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Spurts, in the pages and books of 2016

Spurts. I read in spurts. Fall was not kind, immersed in teaching a new class and the depression of the election. I have to read, or my brain, my creative,  seems to die--which was the case in reading and blogging during the drought of autumn.
But it picked up in December as the year ended, bringing a total of 23 books for the year, plus five partial and unfinished.  (All nonfiction except f=fiction; e=poet essays; p=photo/essays.)
It's obvious that I prefer non-fiction, hey, I'm a journalist...concentrating on themes that have to with nature, wildlife, history  and the West. There are a lot of "self-help" books having to do with art and attitude--these seem to be increasing with my age. Some partials will be completed, and others won't.
I skip around a lot when I read, and always have more than one book going--ADD, probably.

December: Usually, I write about each of these books, and may later. You can find articles on the earlier books on the blog starting backward in July.
  • The War of Art, Pressfield
  • Tribe, Junger
  • Upstream, Oliver-e
  • American Serengeti, Flores
  • An Obvious Fact, Johnson-f
  • Unbranded, Masters-p
  • Partial--A Different Drum, Peck
  • Partial--What the Best College Teachers Do, Bain
  • Partial--The Next Species, Tennesen 
July was the last reading month:
  • Happy Potter and the Cursed Child, Rowling-f
  • The Timekeeper, Albom-f 
  • Yellow House Mauve Sky-art/fable
First half of year:
  • The Blessing Way, Hillerman (reread)
  • Art and Fear, Bayless/Orland (reread) 
  • American Ghost, Nordhaus
  • Deep South, Theroux
  • Laguna Pueblo, Marmon/Corbett-pe
  • The Highwayman, Johnson-f
  • The Great Spring, Goldberg
  • The Soul of Octopus, Montgomery
  • Coyote America, Flores
  • One Man's Wilderness, Keith/Proenneke 
  • Woe to the Land Shadowing, Shuttlesworth-poetry
  • The Beekeeper's Lament, Nordhaus
  • Childhood's End, Clarke--sf
  • Finding Abbey, Prentiss
  • Partial--Reclaiming Conversation, Turkle
  • Partial--Cimarron Crucible, Fretwell-f
  • Partial--Across the Cimarron, Wilson-f 
  • Partial--Broken Open, Lesser
  • Partial--The Western Cattle Trail, Krasingers


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