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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas day - simplicity

Simplicity incarnate, 4 by 6 watercolor
There wasn't any thing fancy about him. He was a simple man.
No wonder his simple teachings echoed with so many people, tired and burdened from organized religion's ornate rules and judgements and liturgies.
Born ordinary. Raised simply. Worked with his hands. Taught with thoughts and words forged by simple people living uncomplicated lives.
The power and passion of straightforward common sense for common people. Love. Forgive. Be  kind. Be humble. Be thankful. Be generous. Don't judge. Care.  Remember me.
Simple words from simplicity incarnate--remember him this over-hyped, over-organized, over-hectic day?

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  1. Heisann, Merry Christmas time from Norway in simplicity ;:OD)


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