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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"All aboard" for the journeys

All aboard, 5 by 7 card
Trains have captivated me since I was a little boy. This card, from a previous year for dear friends who are also train loves, captures my desire to go.
The composition isn't original, but based on my Dad's drawing and scratchboard that became our Christmas card almost 60 years ago. 
I was a little boy with Dad when we visited the turntable at Fort Worth long ago, when he did the original drawing (it wasn't winter), and still have it, along with the winter scene (scratchboard is when the artist covers a white board with black and "scratches" out the image--I can't imagine the talent and patience that takes).
I've written about it before on this blog. See the story from last year, also titled "Journeys", the same as today before I even looked back to find it. 
Apparently I'm not the only one who loves trains, because every time I put "All aboard" in a headline, my page hits go way up--notice the list of favorite posts in the sidebar.
The mystery of heading out, traveling, journeying must be the allure of trains.
Fort Worth turntable, 11 by 13  scratchboard, Terrence Miller Clark
Framed, on our wall

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  1. When my family rode AMTRAK's Heartland Flyer to Fort Worth, I was thrilled to hear the conductor yell, "ALL ABOARD!". Dr. Clark, Your artwork is beautiful!


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