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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Painting months-2

Late May and June--three watercolor commissions, all 8 by 10s.
Then four  inspired by the weather, though my cloud painting is suffering, 5 by 7s and 8 by 10s.
Two from imagination, a unicorn again, and a cabin, again.
This blog has avoided politics, as does my painting, but nothing has upset and depressed me more in the past years than the sTrumpet administration's gestapo splitting families and caging children. People who are cruel to children will be cruel to anyone and anything, without remorse or conscience. Thus the painting at the end, painting what I feel.
I'm glad the July daily challenge begins with the prompt, "Sunny Days."

Memphis family home
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Tajique, N.M. church and Manzanos

The Weather:
Windy Day, 8 x 10

Trouble on the Prairie, 5 x 7

Drought, 5 x 7

Yellow, 5 x 7

Cabin Dreams, 8 x 10

Whimsey, 5 x 7


  1. Is Whimsey or any of your other unicorn paintings still available? I would like to purchase three if you have any remaining, please!

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